Updating Psilke’s character to fit my physical desires for him

Instead of being cute and innocent, he’s going to be very sophisticated.  Very intelligent, elitist, but kind and charming to everyone.  Think Dexter.  If you watch that.

Just because a hooked nose and a ponytail and glasses and sweater vests and ties and nice clothes

aren’t really


The only thing I might keep physically is his height.  And even then.  Probably not.  I don’t picture him being short :U

Also, I am going to try very hard to portray his inner self as psychotic, rather than just angry.  Because I’ve been kind of portraying him as angry.  AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THERE IS A REALLY FINE LINE BETWEEN “crazy” and just “angry”, and it is really easy to slip past that line eAe so I will try to avoid that.